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Take Action

Everyone has the power to help end Puerto Rico's unequal and undemocratic current territory status. Support the Puerto Rico statehood movement to bring full democracy and equality to 3.2 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico. You can  take action today by:
Educating, Advocating, Mobilizing and Growing the Movement!



It is our job as advocates to inform and educate others to raise awareness about the need to obtain full democracy and equality for Puerto Rico through statehood. We can achieve this by talking, sharing facts, posting, speaking, and writing. Check out some resources in the links below.



To effectively amplify the voices of the majority of voters in Puerto Rico that have already chosen statehood three times, it’s essential to advocate on their behalf directly with our members of Congress and other government officials at the state and federal levels. It is also essential to make your support for Puerto Rico statehood more visible and to document your advocacy in order to spark conversations and inspire others. Check out the resources below.


Mobilizing yourself for the Puerto Rico statehood movement is a good way to legitimize the movement and gain attention. By attending meetings and planning events you will be drawing positive attention to the movement and getting politicians to participate as well. Check out some resources in the links below.



Every movement needs supporters. The Puerto Rico Statehood movement already has a wide variety of supporters from different backgrounds and across the political spectrum. Help the movement grow by recruiting friends, family and contacts; organizing groups; donating and fundraising; and building alliances without outside organizations. Check out some resources in the links below.

Graphics for Social Media

The link below contains resources to aid in your advocacy efforts. Feel free to post these on any and all social media platforms. Be sure to tag us so we can like and retweet as well.

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Call to Action - Lets Spread the Message #StopTheColony

As long as Puerto Rico remains under territory status the island will remain weak, and will never reach the full potential of its strength, resilience and prosperity. That is why we're issuing an urgent call to action to all of you who are able to do so to transform this moment of suffering after Hurricane Fiona into a moment of empowerment by using all of your social media platforms to send the message #StopTheColony! Use this graphic and spread this message on social media. We also prepared a social media kit with draft social media messages and targets to make it easier for you to take action.

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