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About Us

The Puerto Rico Statehood Action Network is an assembly of citizen led organizations working to unite and empower supporters of statehood for Puerto Rico on the island and in the states so we can take collective action. Our goal is to pressure Congress to listen to the majority of voters in Puerto Rico, who have already asked for statehood three times (2012, 2017 & 2020), and empower our fellow citizens in the states to call on them to "Respect Puerto Rico's Statehood Vote."

We founded the Puerto Rico Statehood Action Network with a mission to highlight the work of citizen activists in support of #Statehood4PuertoRico, to connect them to each other, and to share opportunities for taking action. For years public support for Puerto Rico statehood has been growing both on the island and in the states. Now the time has come for this support to emerge into a full blown citizen movement. 

We are an inclusive and non-partisan organization. Our organizations represent people from across the country and across the political spectrum. We represent youth, elderly, women, veterans, and many non-Puerto Rican allies. We are united by a single idea, that the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico deserve full equality and democracy through statehood.

We will continue to build this citizen movement, because we believe in America’s highest ideals and potential, and we know that when Congress finally gives the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico the opportunity to achieve equal rights and responsibilities through statehood, that will not only empower Puerto Rico to reach its full potential, but also make America a more perfect Union.

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